Shear'Ree's achievement of being the first man to bench press 700 pounds, and over 700 pounds, including, the lightest man to bench press 700 pounds with a World Record of 700.9 pounds, was done as a “raw” lift, meaning there were no enhancement apparel worn, like a lifting shirt, lifting jacket, etc. This extraordinary accomplishment was, and still is, considered a milestone in the sport of powerlifting, as it had never been done before. His World Record was widely covered in the media, earning him recognition as one of the strongest men in the world.

NOTE: Shear’Ree’s World Records were achieved on November 15th, 1982 – Dates Don’t Lie. Yet. There are many people out there claiming to be the first man to bench press 700 pounds, including, organizations allowing that false information to be publicly published on their platforms. Many were sent “cease and desist” letters but continue to allow that fraudulent information to be published.

Shear'Ree's accomplishments were not just limited to powerlifting, as he also championed many humanitarian causes like fundraising for the victims of the San Ysidro massacre in 1984, helping to raise money to offset the victims medical and funeral expenses. His work in the Jewish community at Mount Carmel Cemetery was also Worldly recognized and honored, when a group of thugs knocked over 400 tombstones and because of the cemetery layout, made it next to impossible to get any sort of machinery to lift the gravestones upright. These stones weighed between 1,300 pounds to over 5,000 pounds. Shear’Ree, upon hearing of this terrible disaster, went and aided barehandedly, in lifting all the knocked over gravestones upright.

In 1996 Shear'Ree ran for the Presidency of the United States, mainly because, he was fed-up with negative America, crime and unemployment. Shear'Ree has recently announced his run for the 2024 Presidential Candidacy. This time, Shear’Ree is beyond fed-up, as many other Americans are, with the condition of our nation and all the political people who aided in the destruction of our country. It’s time for our country to have a leader who understands what it means to be a servant to “The People” and return this country, and the control of this country, including, “True” transparency to the rightful owners – “The People.”

It's irrefutable that our country was formed as a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” We “The People” are the government. We “The People” decide how we want our country to be run, and place representatives in office to perform our demands. These political representatives we put in office, do not dictate to us, how our country is to be run. They are our servants. Period. If they do not want to adhere to our demands or they are incapable, then we replace them with someone who is capable and will adhere to our demands. Period.

The American People for years now have been voicing that they want their country back. They are tired of the rampant, outright neglect of the people. The current regime no longer has “Our Country” or “The People’s” best interest at heart. It appears they are all in it for themselves, as well as others who could care less about “Our Country” and “The People’s” well-being.

They are just doing whatever they want, with no regard to our “Country’s” betterment. They have allowed anyone to cross our boarders. They are giving our hard earned tax dollars to benefit themselves and their corrupt buddies while “We The People” are suffering throughout our country, in every way imaginable; bad drugs, food shortages, gas hikes, outrageous homelessness, the list goes on, and the only ones who are benefiting from their evil ways are them – themselves – not our “Country” or “The People.”

It stops now.

Shear’Ree will no longer allow our country to be torn apart, and the people of this country to be victims to their corrupt treasonous ways.

You-Us-We-The-People have continuously voiced that we want our country and the control of our country back. Well, by the Grace of our mighty Father in heaven, and his Glorious son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we are going to do just that – give you back your country and the control of your country with absolute transparency back, in Jesus name Amen!

God has opened the door. I am asking all “The People” to get behind me and let’s do this. You don’t have to stand with me, I’ll take the heat, I am asking you to stand behind me. Win, lose or draw, United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

Furthermore, I’m not waiting until I’m inaugurated, we are starting right now, and we are going to do it without any taxpayer money.

I want your support. Together, we can make it happen. Be a part of this movement and give. You will be joining something bigger than yourselves.

My program – Program Shear’Ree will set the stage for a fast clean transition. Just buy an SWRP - a Shear’Ree World Record Plaque, which stands for Strength, Power, Strong Willed, Standing Strong, Goal Focused, Success Orientated. I want to immediately develop “Campaign Centers” throughout our nation that will work side by side with Program Shear’Ree, creating employment, recreation, education and Security, as well as, the importance of giving “The People” a continued voice in how “The People” want their country run, including, keeping the People informed of all that going on in their State, County, City, Neighborhood, and most importantly; “Our Home.” Where “The People” can Stand Strongly United, Brave and Free – Our Beautiful United States of America.

NEVER DONE BEFORE: The Shear’Ree Presidential Campaign is going to be run “By The People.” Again, you “The People” voiced that you want your country back and control of your country back, well, here’s your chance.

To help prime the funds necessary to realize this endeavor, much of the money made from the sales of the SWRP’s will be allotted to various parts of Program Shear’Ree implemented in cities across our nation. I will also use those monies, within the constraints of the FEC Election Laws to help fund my Presidential Campaign.

This country was not created for a politician playground, especially, corrupt politicians. And the positive-growth certainly was not done by corrupt politicians. Our Country was nurtured by “The People.” Our Country’s positive-growth was performed by “The People.” Our Country’s innovated ways were created by “The People.”

“We The People” are the United States of America. “We The People” are the “Power” in this “Country” “We The People” determine the “how-what-and-where” we want this country to be run. Period.

With that said, the best possible Presidential Campaign can only be run by “The People.” And the Shear’Ree Presidential Campaign will be run by “The People.”

Every debate question asked on how will the resolve be handled on all issues and/or concerns for the betterment of this “Country” and the betterment of “The People” of this “Country” will be answered and resolved by “The People” made known through all the “Shear’Ree Presidential Campaign” “Centers” located throughout our nation.

You, “The People” will have a continued voice throughout the entire Presidential Election through the Shear’Ree Presidential Campaign, starting NOW. Every person in every State, County, City and Neighborhood will be able to voice their issues and concerns on school education, taxation, environmental, local, state and federal laws… Complete Transparency, No Suppressing of anyone wanting to be heard.

This is “Full-Actual-Transparency.”

Get online and buy an SWRP. Sign up to be offered a position based on your wants or background. Everyone is invited to participate.

What are you waiting for?

Get Involved – Stay Involved

First Official Press Conference Coming Soon, where should it be? Where should other conferences be held? This is it, let’s take our Country, and the control of our Country back and to being the Strongest Nation in the World as it once was.